Task 1.4 - Sign Up for Airbnb

THE PURPOSE of this module is to get you to familiarize yourself with the Host side of the Airbnb world.

Go ahead and use this link (my personal invitation) to set up your Airbnb account.

Click HERE to sign up for Airbnb 

Even if you don’t have a rental ready, add some dummy data so you can see how easy it is to get going.

Of course, you shouldn’t publish your listing until you’re ready to accept guest (our test your market's demand).

***NOTE –

This link is an affiliate link. It lets Airbnb know I referred you.

In turn, Airbnb gives me a discount on my future stays as a guest.

I visit a new Airbnb rental nearly each month and report on new tips and strategies.

So please use my links; it helps me help you.

Click HERE to sign up for Airbnb 

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