Tools ot Optimize Your Midterm Rental Business

What's the Big Deal?

Airbnb has become incredibly popular for a good reason - it's extremely profitable!

But being a host isn't all it's cracked up to be.

You have to deal with:

  • Tenants moving in and out every few days;
  • Potentially boisterous people on vacation who "accidentally" damage your property;
  • Reducing your rates to compete with newbies flooding your market;
  • Catching a dose of "Host Fatigue" and feeling emotionally spent;

So, before you jump in and become an Airbnb Host, consider becoming an Extended Stay Business Owner instead.

How are Midterm Rentals Different?

After all the excitement wears off, most grow weary of the revolving door housing tasks associated with short stay guests and tourists.

And, on the financial side, after all the additional taxes and software subscriptions are subtracted, you'll realize that the final number in your bank account is not as impressive as the total amount you collected.

That's exactly why more an more hosts come to realize that midterm rentals are the way to make an excellent profit without going crazy.

Here's why...

Instead of managing high-maintenance tourists who're always shopping for "killer deals," you'll work with professional business travelers and families trying to relocate to your town.

You'll serve people who need a place for months, not days. And that makes a world of difference.

Hosts who focus on shorter stays have to worry about parties, fights, and irritating the neighbors surrounding their properties.

When you focus on +30 day stays, you aren't concerned with those issues. Longer-stay guests are more business oriented. They aren't traveling for recreation; they are traveling to make more money or improve their lifestyle.

Imagine that - you'll serve easy-to-manage tenants who'll pay you hotel-sized rates.

The Extended Stays for Landlords LITE version gives you the plans you need to blend passive landlording with the lucrative (and quickly growing) extended stay hotel industry.

Since 2015, the 6 Step Process has guided 1000s of housing entrepreneurs from start up and onward to become successful business owners.

And that means you'll be using a refined system to get the same results.

Yes, you can have the best of both worlds!

Great Results!


Who's This Course For?

Whether you own rental properties - (or not!)...

Whether you are experienced - (or not)...

Whether you want to learn about rental arbitrage or corporate rentals...

...this coaching and training program is for you.

It's especially for you if you want a rock-solid plan to increase your passive income!


Let's get started.

What You'll Get...

MTR Resources is a training program that enables you to enjoy the strategic benefits of serving:

  • Business travelers who are on extended travel assignments
  • Home buyers who are waiting to move into their new homes
  • Companies seeking cost-effective hotel alternatives for their employees

MTR Resources walks you through an easy 6-Step System to get your rental (or someone else's rental) operating for maximum income and maximum time freedom.

And isn't that just what you want?!

Then you'll use the Resource Library to go even farther. You'll have all the tools and resources needed to grow your network and continuously update your business practices.

To sum it all up... You'll be able to dominate your local market!

It's just that simple.

Course Curriculum

  Introduction - 6 Steps to a Profitable Extended Stay Rental Business
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Step 3 - Use this Guide to Furnish Your Rental
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Step 5 - Launch Your Midterm Rental Business
Available in days
days after you enroll


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does this course take to complete?
You should make progress at your own pace, but it shouldn't take you longer than a week to learn the 6-Step System. Now, that's not to say the learning stops there, of course. We are always adding to the Resource Library, so you'll continually learn about the latest best practices in this evolving industry.
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for 30 days, across any and all devices you own. Your subscription will authomatically renew. You may cancel at any time.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We understand there’s no way to be certain that this program is perfect for you until you’ve reviewed it. So, you can cancel your monthly subscription at any time. Even though we have helped 1,000s of people, if you don’t feel this is the right tool to help you on your journey to financial freedom, simply cancel your subscription. However, there are no refunds.
What is the 6-Step System for Creating Extended Stays?
The 6-Step System is made up of the following steps: Step 1 - Overview of Short-Term Rentals:: Step 2 - Determine your market's profit potential :: Step 3 - Furnish Your Rental:: Step 4 - Market Your Furnished Rental:: Step 5 - Transition from One-Night Bookings to Extended Stays:: Step 6 - Make a Fortune with Rental Arbitrage. Each step has several tasks associated with it. You will always know exactly what you should be working on to achieve your goal. These steps create a clear path for generating passive income so you can proceed with confidence.
How much money do I need to start off?
The minimum you need, if you don't already own a rentals, is enough to rents someone else's place. That means you'll need a security deposit, first month's rent, money for furnishings (at least $5,000 for a 1-bedroom unit), and a little money to cover your first month's expenses. You want move in a client right away, but you still want a little cushion while you get your business in order. However, if you operate as a co-host or Joint Venture, you may not need to spend any money at all.

Ready to Get Started?

It's been said that you can change where you are and change who you are
by changing what goes into your mind.

That's why this wealth-building approach needs to be at the top of mind!

You need to refer to these principles so that you can increase the net income
that your rental (or someone else's rental) can generate.

And once you can do that, then you can design the life of your choosing!

Learn to create cash flow in both good and bad times.

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Your Instructor

Al Williamson is the Father of the Extended Stay Airbnb. He frequently used extended stay hotels while he worked as a professional engineer. He saw the opportunity to serve corporate travelers and create a business that would offer him a life of freedom, so Al pursued that dream. As it turned out, his "Housing for Travelers by Travelers" approach was extremely well received, and Al was able to replace his civil engineering salary - and you can too! For years he touted the benefits of recession-proof short-term rentals, which he calls "extended stays." Little did he know that the same marketing techniques for extended stays would make him 100% COVID-proof as well. Al knows lots of people are hurting finacially. So, he's sharing this 6 Step System that you can use to quickly create a business that serves the mobile workforce, temp housing, and others that need 30+ day, extended stay housing.